Herbal Certification for MD, DO, RN or PA – Webinars + Sedona & Hilton Head Conferences / $3,000 Single Payment

US$3,500.00 US$3,000.00

Enrollment in the Restorative Medicine Herbal Certification program. This is to pay for the program in full with one payment.

    RMHC Cancellation Policy
    • Payments over 45 days late will initiate cancellation of program.
    • Cancelling RMHC Registration within 30 days of Registering: Amount paid will be refunded minus $100 cancellation fee
    • Cancelling RMHC Registration within 30 days of Registering and after attending on-site or live stream event: $2000 will be refunded
    • Cancelling RMHC Registration after 30 days of Registering: No refund, registration can be applied for future sessions.
    • All cancellation requests must be made by emailing customerservice@restorativemedicine.org