Certification in Restorative Medicine Exam


Optimizing Body Temperature and Thyroid Function with
Hormones, Botanicals and Nutrition

Each year, 34,000 potential patients visit Restorative Medicine and an affiliate web site or call a 24-hour phone referral system looking for a Certified Provider.

Medical providers can obtain Certification in Restorative Medicine by attending required classes scheduled at the Restorative Medicine Conference. The classes will encompass an evidence-based review of thyroid function including treatment protocols for optimizing thyroid health and using Triiodothyronine and botanical and nutritional medicines to support the thyroid system.

Certification in Restorative Medicine verifies that practitioners have completed the training and have passed an on-line examination. Once certified, practitioners are eligible to participate in our Medical Provider Referral Program.


To qualify for Certification in Restorative Medicine you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have one of the following degrees: MD, ND, DO, PA, NP
  2. Attend required lectures on October 3, 2013 during the Conference Intensive 
  3. Complete and pass the on-line examination within 4 weeks after the conference.
  4. Maintain certification by taking additional and refresh lectures at pre-conference intensives at our annual conference at least once every three years.  

The American Board of Restorative Medicine is a program committee that oversees the certification and maintenance of certification for medical providers in restorative medicine.

Medical Providers that pass the exam and meet all of the requirements above will be mailed a certificate toward the end of October.  You will want to become a member of AARM  to be part of our referral program and get listed as a Certified Restorative Medicine Provider on RestorativeMedicine.org and WilsonsSyndrome.com.

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