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We have developed a new series of podcasts that explores and discusses the latest in integrative medicines. Join us every month when we interview medical doctors, nurse practitioners, naturopaths, and other healthcare professionals and ask them about their experiences and opinions regarding a range of topics.

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The Spelman Report - AARM Member Podcasts

In partnership with The Spelman Report

The Spelman Report is an audio science journal hosted by Dr. Kevin Spelman, a clinician with 30 years of experience in clinical herbal medicine and phytotherapy. The goal at The Spelman Report is to provide you with the best evidence-based science available to help you serve your patients better and deliver the best possible therapeutic outcomes. AARM has partnered with Dr. Spelman and is happy to be able to offer a selection of these podcasts as a benefit of being an AARM member. If you would like the entire library of podcasts from The Spelman Report, visit www.thespelmanreport.com for more details.