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Recent Articles

An Integrative Approach to Hypertension: A Comprehensive Review of Antihypertensive Nutrients and Botanicals

We conducted a comprehensive review of the most current data available on the antihypertensive effects of 29 different nutraceuticals.

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Journal of Restorative Medicine

Can Lion’s Mane Decelerate Alzheimer’s Disease Progression?

In the US, mortality rates from Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have steadily and significantly increased over the past 30 years. Despite this alarming progression, pharmaceutical research has yet to identify a drug which effectively halts this crippling disease. Research on Hericium erinaceus — also known as lion’s mane in reference to its shaggy appearance — has demonstrated unique potential to modify the progression of AD and other neurodegenerative disorders.

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Restorative Medicine Digest

Five Depression Biotypes

Are all cases of depression the same? Dr. William Walsh thinks this is unlikely. After working with more than 30,000 patients, Dr. Walsh has identified specific chemical imbalances that lead to emotional and mental problems.  Out of his experiences, he identified five distinct biotypes from what was once lumped together as ‘clinical depression:’ undermethylation; folate deficiency; copper overload; pyrrole disorder; and toxic metals. He will be presenting on the five biotypes at the Restorative Medicine Conference in Tucson, AZ this fall.

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Restorative Medicine Digest