Clinical Trends in Longevity

2024 Tampa Regional Conference

  • Tampa, FL
  • 5 CME Credits

Join Us at the Cutting-Edge Restorative Medicine Regional Conference in Tampa

Mark your calendars for September 7, 2024, and make plans to join us in Tampa, FL, for the 2024 Regional Conference on Clinical Trends in Longevity. We'll be sharing cutting-edge research and therapies in the field of chronic diseases of aging, focused on environmental toxins, cell senescence, and neurodegenerative diseases. We're bringing together leading experts and healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing functional medicine treatments and interventions.

Dr. Fred Harvey will share the alarming truth about environmental toxins and their profound impact on chronic diseases. He'll discuss the hidden health risks lurking in our environment and provide valuable insights into effective interventions. This session will equip you with cutting-edge strategies for detoxification and lifestyle changes that will enhance your patient outcomes.

Dr. Edwin Lee will explore advancements in neuro regenerative medicine aimed at reversing cognitive decline. He will share his expertise on clinical applications of peptides, therapeutic plasma exchange, mesenchymal stem cells, and exosomes. Attendees will learn about the potential of these therapies for mild to moderate dementia and neurodegeneration, offering new hope and improved outcomes for patients.

We're bringing back Kevin Spelman, PhD, a popular and engaging AARM speaker. He'll dive into the fascinating world of cellular aging and senescence. He'll elucidate the complexities of how senescent cells contribute to aging and chronic diseases. Learners will hear cutting-edge insights into senolytic therapies and how to attenuate the progression of chronic diseases of aging and extend patients' healthspan and vitality.

And The Best Part? The Location…
This intimate, in-person-only event will take place at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Tampa, located in a resort-like setting with water access and nature activities yet conveniently close to the Tampa airport. You can spend Saturday learning and then plan on relaxing on Sunday, enjoying bird watching along the boardwalk, viewing manatees from the boat dock, walking the picturesque 9.5-mile bayside trail, or soaking up the sun at one of two pools.

Why Attend?

  • Innovative Insights: Gain exclusive access to the latest research and clinical breakthroughs.
  • Expert Speakers: Learn from leading authorities in functional and restorative medicine.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with local healthcare professionals and share clinical experiences.
  • Practical Applications: Walk away with actionable knowledge to enhance your practice and improve patient care on Monday morning.

Who should attend?

MD, DO, NP, ND, DC and NP primary care providers who are interested in expanding their toolkit for treating common chronic conditions that respond well to integrative/functional medicine.
Medical students, nutritionists, and health coaches who want to elevate their scope of practice would also appreciate this conference.

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