Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of the Restorative Medicine Digest!

AARM designed this digest to complement the education offered in the Journal of Restorative Medicine (JRM) and our popular Restorative Medicine conferences. JRM is open access and publishes both original research and review articles related to Restorative Medicine. The conference is a unique integrative medicine symposium with a consistent focus on thyroid dysfunction and endocrine disorders. Knowing you are a busy, forward-thinking physician, the articles in this digest are intended to provide a quick read on innovative medical topics. If you would like more detailed information, you can do so by accessing JRM online or attending a conference.

In recognition of our upcoming 14th Annual International Restorative Medicine Conference, being held September 15-18, in Hilton Head, S.C., each article in this issue is related to a 2016 conference speaker.

We highlight two articles from thyroid experts Dr. Denis Wilson and Dr. Kent Holtorf which were published in JRM.  As the foundation of Restorative Medicine recognizes the unique interconnectedness of systems, these doctors start by balancing the endocrine system. They recognize that lab tests don’t always reflect a patient’s true state of health, so they offer alternative methods for clinicians to identify and treat hypothyroidism and chronic illnesses.

Our feature article is an interview with Dr. Regina Druz, a traditionally-trained cardiologist. She shares her evolution as a physician and how she came to  embrace preventative medicine as a key strategy for protecting women from cardiovascular disease.

Also on the topic of women’s health, we present original research from endocrinologist Jerilynn Prior, MD about the relationship between progesterone and cardiovascular risk factors.

Integrative practitioners recognize that environmental medicine is a key consideration for treating chronic illness, so we highlight work by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, who is offering a seven-hour workshop at the annual conference to expose the impact of persistent organic pollutants (POP) on chronic disease. He will share detoxification protocols, which he explains have become a medical necessity.

Botanical medicine is an additional route to explore when treating for toxin exposure. We have summarized a JRM article in which authors Dr. Jillian Stansbury, Dr. Eugene Zampieron and Dr. Paul Saunders collaborated on a review of hepatoprotective herbs, based on published science and their extensive clinical experience.

If you’re new to Restorative Medicine, I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our philosophy and approach to integrative medicine. Our mission is to maintain a true cross-disciplinary collaboration. Restorative Medicine conferences embrace a
mix of practitioners who enjoy sharing their different approaches to health in a friendly, casual environment.
Thank you for joining us!

Yours in health and wellness,

Jen Palmer, ND