Restorative Medicine Digest

RMD-cover-300px-wideThe Restorative Medicine Digest is a quarterly newsletter for practitioners of Restorative Medicine, published by the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM). Interest is growing rapidly in finding methods to help patients recover from chronic illnesses and live better as they grow older. Practitioners focused on healthy aging and preventative medicine are constantly developing unique new protocols and publishing research on the most effective techniques. There is a huge amount of information to keep up with. To help busy physicians and other practitioners stay current, AARM has launched the Restorative Medicine Digest newsletter.

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Each quarterly issue will provide a quick read on the latest scientific research, along with interviews with the leading practitioners who are shaping this dynamic field of medicine.
Other regular features include:
• Conference summaries
• New educational resources available
• Product announcements
• Practice growth strategies

Publication Schedule
July 1 (Summer issue)
October 1 (Fall issue)
January 1 (Winter issue)
April 1 (Spring issue)