Nutrigenomics is the study of the effects of food and food constituents on gene expression. The study of nutrigenomics may have a major impact in the development of tailor-made food, supplements and beverage products in the near future. The “genetic nutritioneering” concept summarizes the information on how diet, supplements, lifestyle and environmental factors influence gene expression. In order to overcome their particular genetic pre-disposition that can lead to serious diseases, people may be able to choose customized diets, supplements and make lifestyle modifications, which would optimize their metabolic status. Nutrient intake for each person varies according to their unique ...
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An epigenetic influence on many chronic and metabolic diseases is now well-established, in some cases with a larger effect on disease risk and susceptibility than many well-established risk factors. Additionally, the evidence base for the role of persistent organic pollutants in many of these same diseases has grown considerably, and it appears that the toxic effects of these substances are mediated in part via epigenetic mechanisms, particularly during critical periods of development. Here we review the associations between these long-lasting toxins and today’s highly prevalent diseases, the epigenetic pathways, as well as suggested interventions to mitigate their harm. INTRODUCTION ...
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