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Live Webinars

The Live Webinars and live Conference are an important components of your Restorative Medicine Neurology Fellowship certification. The Clinical Pearls are live webinars with power-point instruction and time for questions and answers. The Case Study portion provides time for mentorship and reviewing your patient’s case histories.

The Live Webinars occur every month, via Zoom, at 7 p.m. EST and are approximately 60 minutes in duration. If a Live Webinar is missed, a recording is available for review. Case Studies are intended to review your actual patient cases and ask questions of the faculty.

Our Fellowship programs usually have 50 students, this allows for an intimate group where all can learn from each other.


Date Presentation Speaker(s)
Saturday 5/7/22 Spring Neurology Seminar
Tuesday 5/24/22 Endocrine Brain Connection (Adrenal, Thyroid, Glucose): Clinical Pearls Mary Bove, Michael Friedman
Tuesday 6/21/22 Endocrine Brain Connection (Adrenal, Thyroid, Glucose): Case Review Mary Bove, Michael Friedman
Tuesday 7/26/22 Pain Management: Internal and External Therapies: Clinical Pearls Mary Bove
9/15/22 – 9/17/22 Annual Restorative Medicine Conference
Tuesday 9/20/22 Gut/Brain Axis: Clinical Pearls Mary Bove, Michael Friedman
Tuesday 10/18/22 Gut/Brain Axis: Case Review + Q&A Mary Bove, Michael Friedman
Tuesday 11/15/22 Grand Round Pt 1 Jay Lombard
Tuesday 1/17/23 Grand Rounds Pt 2 Jay Lombard
Tuesday 2/21/23 Focus, Cognition, and Memory: Case Review + Q&A Mary Bove
Tuesday 3/21/23 Anxiety, Panic and Overwhelm: Clinical Pearls Mary Bove, Michael Friedman
Tuesday 4/18/23 Sleep Health for the Neuro Patient: Case Review + Q&A Mary Bove

What's Included

In additional to live webinars and modules, your enrollment includes registration for the Spring Neurology Seminar and Annual Restorative Medicine Conference!