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Herbal Fellowship


Neuro Endocrinology

This module sets the stage for viewing neurological health with a dynamic perspective, looking at the inter-connective aspects of the neuroendocrine system. Discussion of the HPA/adrenal connection, neurotransmitter health, clinical use of neuropeptides, thyroid health, and the gut brain axis in relationship to mood, sleep, immune health and energy levels.

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Neuro Pathology

This module looks at the several of the pathological processes involved in neurological diseases. Topics discussed include neuro-inflammation, infection and neuro immunology.

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Neuro Degeneration

This module views neurodegeneration from a non-reductionist, whole biology perspective looking at the multiple factors which contribute to neurological health. Factors covered include, infection, neuro-inflammation, and neuro-toxicity. Specific neurodegenerative comorbid conditions include sleep disorder, glymphatic disturbances, dementia, and coagulopathies will be discussed. Conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, Migraines and Headaches will be discussed.

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Neuro Psychiatry & Neuro Cognition

This module takes a look at the multi-factorial impact contributing to cognitive impairment, brain health, and mood disorders. Aging, oxidation, toxicity, stress, methylation disruption, menopausal transition and hormones are some of the contributing factors discussed with therapeutic suggestions.

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Neuro Modalities

In this module a range of therapeutic modalities are discussed in terms of clinical use and application, relevant science and traditional historic use. Modalities covered are botanical medicines, dietary and nutritional supplements, neuro-protective strategies, and lifestyle management for neurological health.

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Other Therapeutic Strategies

This module offers a look into specific topics of interest in functional neurology including the pediatric population, pregnant and lactating women along with topics such as mitochondrial health, and neuro-fatigue. This module includes 2 live class topics with Clinical Pearls and Case Review grand rounds style each being led by several doctors.

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