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Herbal Fellowship

Neuro Endocrinology

This module sets the stage for viewing neurological health with a dynamic perspective, looking at the inter-connective aspects of the neuroendocrine system. Discussion of the HPA/adrenal connection, neurotransmitter health, clinical use of neuropeptides, thyroid health, and the gut brain axis in relationship to mood, sleep, immune health and energy levels.

Nancy Lins, ND

Erin Lommen, ND

Tom O'Bryan, DC

Carol Petersen, RPh

Kevin Spelman, PhD

Jillian Stansbury, ND

Decker Weiss, NMD, FASA

Live Events

May 24, 2022
Endocrine Brain Connection (Adrenal, Thyroid, Glucose):
Clinical Pearls
Mary Bove
Michael Friedman
June 21, 2022
Endocrine Brain Connection (Adrenal, Thyroid, Glucose):
Case Review
Mary Bove
Michael Friedman


About the brain and being well Erin Lommen, ND 1.75 hr
Botanical Modulation of Neurotransmitters Kevin Spelman, PhD 0.75 hr
Living Life to the Fullest Dietary Effects on Neurotransmitters, Depression an Anxiety Tom O'Bryan, DC 0.75 hr
Mood, Insomnia & Fatigue - The HPA Axis Decker Weiss, NMD 1.00 hr
Neuroendocrine Modulation with Botanical Medicine Jill Stansbury, ND 0.75 hr
Neurotransmitters & Infection: Survival vs Mortality, Thriving or Long Hauler? ...Could our HPA Axis approach be making us more vulnerable to pandemics Decker Weiss, NMD 1.00 hr
The Psycho-Neuro-Endo-Immunology of Perinatal Mood Disorders Nancy Lins, ND 1.00 hr
Think Hormones First From Birth Trauma to Anti-Aging, A life Time of Hormone Balance Carol Petersen, RPh 1.00 hr

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