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Herbal Fellowship

Neuro Modalities

In this module a range of therapeutic modalities are discussed in terms of clinical use and application, relevant science and traditional historic use. Modalities covered are botanical medicines, dietary and nutritional supplements, neuro-protective strategies, and lifestyle management for neurological health.

Leigh Arseneau, ND

Todd Born, ND

Mary Bove, ND

William Code, MD

Michael Friëdman, ND

Sara Lazar, PhD

Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Mary Newport, MD

Jeff Matheson, MD

Terry Wahls, MD

David Winston, RH

John Woytowicz, MD

Eugene Zampieron, ND

Heather Zwickey, PhD

Live Events

Sept 20, 2022
Gut/Brain Axis: Clinical Pearls Mary Bove
Michael Friedman
Oct 18, 2022
Gut/Brain Axis: Case Review + Q&A Mary Bove
Michael Friedman


A Comprehensive Integrative Approach to Chronic Pain Todd Born, ND 1.00 hr
Dietary Approach to MS Microbiome and the Gut-Brain-Immune Axis Terry Wahls, MD 1.00 hr
Differentiating the Use of Adaptogen and Nervine Botanicals, Part 2 Tieraona Low Dog, MD 2.00 hr
Integrative Medicine Strategies for Chronic Pain Leigh Arseneau, ND 1.00 hr
Ketones as an Alternative Fuel for the Brain Mary Newport, MD 2.00 hr
Medical uses of marijuana for pain and inflammation John Woytowicz, MD 1.50 hr
Meditation, Trauma & Pain Sara Lazar, PhD 1.00 hr
Neuroprotective Nutrition: Inflammation, Food, and the Brain-gut Axis

Heather Zwickey, PhD 1.00 hr
Oxygen and the Brain ( Restoration) William Code, MD 1.00 hr
Pain Herbs, Topical, Internal Eugene Zampieron, ND 1.00 hr
Photobiomodulation and the Brain William Code, MD 1.00 hr
Practical Approaches to Chronic Pain Jeff Matheson, MD 1.00 hr
Analgesics (Effective Pain Relief Using Botanicals) David Winston, RH 1.50 hr

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