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Herbal Fellowship

Neuro Psychiatry, Neuro Cognition

This module takes a look at the multi-factorial impact contributing to cognitive impairment, brain health, and mood disorders. Aging, oxidation, toxicity, stress, methylation disruption, menopausal transition and hormones are some of the contributing factors discussed with therapeutic suggestions.

Jay Lombard, DO

Mary Bove, ND

Michael Friëdman, ND

Sara Lazar, PhD

Aboo Nasar, MD

Jaquel Patterson, ND

Kevin Spelman, PhD

Jillian Stansbury, ND

Aaron Van Gaver, ND

William J. Walsh, PhD

Decker Weiss, NMD

Live Events

Nov 15, 2022
Anxiety, Panic and Overwhelm: Clinical Pearls Mary Bove
Michael Friedman
Dec 20, 2022
Anxiety, Panic and Overwhelm: Case Review Mary Bove
Michael Friedman
Jan 17, 2023
Focus, Cognition, and Memory: Clinical Pearls Mary Bove
Jay Lombard
Feb 21, 2023
Focus, Cognition, and Memory: Case Review + Q&A Mary Bove
Jay Lombard


Addiction Primer for the Health Profession Pt 1-4 Aaron Van Gaver, ND 3.50 hr
Brain Aging in Menopausal Women Mary Bove, ND 1.00 hr
CBD the anxiolytic anti-inflammatory anti Cancer Non Euphoric Cannabinoid Kevin Spelman, PhD 1.00 hr
Depression - The neuro inflammatory connection Decker Weiss, NMD 1.25 hr
Depression Biotypes and Advanced Nutrient Therapy William J. Walsh, PhD 2.00 hr
Healthy Brain Research & Boosting Memory Aboo Nasar, MD 0.75 hr
Hopeless to Hopeful Jaquel Patterson ND 1.00 hr
Meditation & Neuroplasticity Sara Lazar, PhD 1.00 hr
Neurological Health and Pathophysiology Kevin Spelman, PhD. 1.00 hr
Neurology: Keep your Synapses Firing with Brain Boosting Neurotropics Mary Bove, ND 1.75 hr
Neuroprotection for Cognitive Disorders Kevin Spelman, PhD. 1.50 hr
Opiate Addiction Pathophysiology & Herbal Jillian Stansbury, ND 1.00 hr

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