Live Webinars


The live webinars are an important component for earning online CME towards your herbal certificate. The webinars are every 1-2 months, and all start at 7 pm EST for approximately 2 hours. Students must participate in the live webinar in order to receive CME credit. If a live webinar is missed, the student is required to listen to the recording but will not be eligible for CME credits.

Faculty for the online webinars include functional medicine doctor Geo Espinosa, ND; oncology herbalist Chanchal Cabrera, RH; and thyroid expert Michael Friedman, ND. Please see the Faculty page for details about these accomplished physicians and educators who will share invaluable clinical pearls which enhance your confidence in prescribing herbs.


Date Presentations Speaker
Tuesday 6/11/19 Herbs for Autoimmune Conditions
Berberine and Curcumin: Evidence-Based Review
Eugene Zampieron, ND
Jillian Stansbury, ND
Thursday 7/11/19 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Men’s Health (2 hours) Geo Espinosa, ND
Tuesday 8/13/19 Evaluating Herb Quality for Best Clinical Results Michael Tims, PhD
Tuesday 10/15/19 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Type 1 & 2 Diabetes
Herbal Support for PCOS
Jody Stanislaw, ND
Jillian Stansbury, ND
Thursday 11/14/19 Evidence-Based Review of Vitamin K
Lion’s Mane for Cognitive Decline
Kate Rheum Blue, ND
Thursday 1/16/20 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Oncology (2 hours) Chanchal Cabrera, RH
Tuesday 2/11/20 Restorative Medicine Herbs for Oncology (1 hour)
Case Studies in Oncology
Chanchal Cabrera, RH
Michael Friedman, ND
Thursday 3/19/20 TBD TBD
Tuesday 4/14/20 Herbal Mechanisms Review TBD