The Immunology Module consists of presentations that total 5 hours.

The following presentations are recorded webinars which can be listened to at the convenience of the student prior to the Spring Herb Seminar. Students must complete the following recordings and pass the related quiz with 75% or better:

    • Preventing and Treating Infections -- 1.5 hours (Hobbs, PhD)
    • Common and Complicated Infections: When Antibiotics Fail -– 1 hour (Ingels, ND)

Optional Immunology Review Recording:

  • Optimizing the Immune System in Chronic Infections-- 1 hour (Zwickey, PhD)

Three hours of the Immune Modulation and Autoimmune Conditions Module will be completed at the Spring Herb Seminar:

  • Restorative Medicine Herbs for the Immune Modulation and Autoimmune Conditions –- 3.25 hours (Bove, Hobbs, Weiss)