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The Immunology and Autoimmune Conditions Module consists of required presentations that total 5 hours. Two hours of optional immunology refresher presentations are available.

  • 2.5 hours of Restorative Medicine Herbs for Immune Modulation and Autoimmune Conditions will be completed at the Spring Herb Conference.
  • If you would like a refresher course in immunology prior to the spring seminar, these are recommended, optional recordings: Immunology Fundamentals and Current Updates (Immunology Review 1) & Optimizing the Immune System in Chronic Infections (Immunology Review 2) by Heather Zwickey, PhD.
  • 2.5 hours of recorded presentations can be completed at your convenience: Preventing and Treating Infections, by Chris Hobbs, PhD & Common and Complicated Infections: When Antibiotics Fail, Darin Ingels, ND.