The Cardiology Module consists of presentations that total 9 hours. The module includes the following Lessons: Cardiology (7 hours) and Metabolic Syndrome and Glucose Control (1 hours).

Cardiology Topics

7 hours
Five hours of Cardiology Topics will be completed at the Spring Herb Seminar:

  • Restorative Medicine Herbs for Cardiovascular Conditions -- 3 hours (Hobbs)

The following presentations are recorded webinars which can be listened to at the convenience of the student after the Spring Herb Seminar. Students must complete one of the following recordings and pass the related quizzes with 75% or better:

  • Managing Blood Pressure and Cardiac Rhythm with Herbal Medicine –- 2 hours (Friedman ND)
  • Convallaria and Crataegus in the Treatment of Cardiac Dysfunction -- 2 hours (Zampieron)

Metabolic Syndrome and Glucose Control Topics

1 hour total

One hour of the Metabolic Syndrome Topic will be completed in a live webinar - see webinar schedule:

  • Restorative Medicine Herbs for Diabetic Neuropathy- 1 hour (Zampieron)