Men’s Health


The Men’s Health Module consists of presentations that total 4.5 hours.

The following presentations are recorded webinars which can be listened to at the convenience of the student. It is required to listed to 2,5 hours of recordings listed below, and the student must pass the related quizzes with 75% or better:

  • Using Evidence Based Botanicals Nutrients & Other Interventions to Balance Men's Hormones –- 1 hour (Zampieron, ND)
  • Herbal Treatments for Urinary and Prostate Health –- 1.5 hours (Zampieron, ND)

2 hours of the Men’s Health Module will be completed in a webinar - see webinar schedule:

  • Restorative Medicine Herbs for Men’s Health- 2 hours (Geo Espinosa, ND)